Relay3r Introduction

What is Relay3r

Relay3r is a fork of Keep3r with 3key additions

  • Ability to transfer relayer rights to a new user from current address
  • Ability to approve contracts to transfer relayer rights to other addresses
  • Modifiable bonding, unbonding ,liquidity bonding delay and liquidity fee.

Use case of transferable relayer rights

  • Marketplace to buy and sell already activated relayers without needing to give up the private key to the address
  • Ability to possibly tokenize keeper rights via custom contracts.

Use of modifiable bonding and unbonding delays

  • During periods of high relayer interest nor many of the new users would be willing to wait 3 days for a bond,at that time the users can vote to increase or decrease the delays.

Whats planned for the future of relay3r

  • Expansion of team from currently just me to more devs
  • More relayer jobs for relayers to execute
  • Additional relay3r tokens distributed to relayer jobs
  • Docs and relay3r script guides, along with easy setup scripts for the same.
  • Move ownership of the relay3r token contract to governance contract once finalized.


There is 92% in the deployer wallet, why does the wallet hold that much of the supply?

This is due to the project having had no large scale presale and had only a small 4 eth presale to cover initial gas costs and other misc costs.These tokens will be mainly used for the following:

  • Expanding the team to add on more contributors
  • Incentive for new relay3r jobs deployed
  • Paying for expenses that the project incurs such as deployment gas fees, bug bounties and other items planned.